Michael Angel is an American novelist, widely unrecognized as one of the foremost living writers of science fiction. Angel began writing novels in 2017. Or was it 2018? He can’t remember. Anyway, he started writing novels at the not so young age of 57. When asked why he started writing so late in life, he said he wanted to prove he had existed but was sad that his hypothesis had failed to pan out.

He was born, a lot of stuff happened, and that pretty much bumps us up to the present day. You can read the finer details in his memoir, which he plans on writing posthumously. He enjoys nature photography, writing, and hiking, but he gets paid as a software developer engineer architect by the industrial-military complex.

He is a closet humanitarian, environmentalist, and pacifist. Oops. I don’t think I was supposed to mention that. When asked about the apparent contradiction, he says he thinks it is caused by an irrational fear of eating canned dog food with plastic cutlery, although the dry dog food isn’t so bad. But not to worry, although he is starving as an artist, he is not a starving artist.

His two novels to date are:

  • Property of Nature
  • Bluffdale: A Case Study on the Dangers of Human Intimacy

A third novel is on the way, tentatively titled “The Golden Earring” and introduces the new language “Guacuno.”