Bluffdale Blurb

Ophelia Banks, a junior level tester, lies to her supervisor about the purpose of a personal check. The lie escalates from the check, to the creation of a fictitious online NGO, to the NGO’s presence in a fictitious country with a fictitious population, to the fictitious country’s integration with both, the world’s largest online corporation, and the Agency facility in Bluffdale, Utah. The fictitious country emerges from the political toil of Kazakhstan, falling ever deeper into the geopolitics and economy of the real world. The forces that fuel the illusion grows beyond Ophelia’s ability to control it.

The online country satisfies the addictive needs for attention, intimacy, social connection, curiosity, greed, power, information, and truth of the characters unknowingly caught in the web of deceit. The collapse of the fictitious country and the genocide of its fictitious people exposes the vulnerability of each character’s online addictions, resulting in very real and dire consequences for the characters and all of online society.

BLUFFDALE is complete at 92,000 words. The book is available at